World Political Systems 

Grades 7th to 12th

Mark Jacobs

Teacher absence policy- Substitute

Course Description:  This class will look at representative democracy, socialist, Communism and dictatorships. Several authors will be used, as the course will be focused on reading and taking turns at leading discussion based on the chapter read. books to be read are, The Satanic Roots of Communism by Richard Wurbrand (PROVIDED BY TEACHER) Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents By: Rod Dreher ISBN: 0593541804 (several other books are being evaluated at this time)

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Yearlong

Time:  2:00-2:55

Cost:  $300 per year, cash or check, no refunds. Please see me if you need to make a payment plan

Supply Fee:  None

Class Prerequisite:  Ability to read and printer access

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  One book

Materials Students Must Provide:  Student will need to print off and share the outline of the chapters they will be leading discussion on with fellow students.

Minimum Enrollment:  5

Maximum Enrollment:  14

Parent Requirements:  Parent are expected to read the chapter and grade their student’s work if a grade is desired.

Teacher:  Mark Jacobs


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