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Flathead Homeschool Airsoft Club:

Ages: Tweens and Teens Ages 11-17 roughly

*Must supply your own gear with *biodegradable* bbs. *

Let me know if you are interested in joining this or future events, and I will add you to the email list!



1:30-3:30 First Friday of the month at Pick’s Bowling Center in Bigfork (Check Flathead FB group for more info)

Park Days:

Every Wednesday from 12- 3pm. It’s a non committal event. Come when you can. Leave when you want. Location posted every Monday and Wednesday on email group. 


Logan Health Medical Fitness Center offers homeschool swimming lessons that are at different times than the other lessons for all ages. 406-751-4141 


Flathead Valley Homeschool Choir Tuesdays at Cornerstone!!  1:00 – 1:55 for ages 5-10 and 2 – 2:55 for ages 11-18. 

Cost: $58 per child or $88 per family per semester.

Please call Beth Brown for more questions: 406-249-6908


There are about 20 clubs in the valley, depending on where you live and what projects you’re interested in, there’s not just one number to find a club.  However, the office number 758-5553 and the address is 1108 S. Main St Ste 4 in Kalispell.  I’m also happy to be a resource for more specific questions and 871-1392.- Holly

Book Club:

Check to see what is being offered for Book clubs for children or adults this season at Flathead Enrichment Classes.

Columbia Falls Playgroup:

2nd and 4th Fridays 1:30-3:30

Sept-May at the gym of Fellowship Alliance Church in C Falls

May-Sept (and good weather at other times) Marantette Park in C Falls


Flathead Valley Home School Athletic Association has competitive sports for grades 5th-12th in Basketball and Volleyball and Soccer. Email:

Hughes Grappling Academy offers Kids jiu jitsu gym classes TWTh at 5:30 PM.

Flathead Gymnastics offers homeschool classes as well as Open Gym times.

CrossFit runs a CrossFit kids and teens program.

Kalispell Parks and Rec Youth Sports:

Kalispell Kickers Soccer (February to March)

Little Squirts Basketball (February-March)

Little Dribblers Basketball (February-March)

Rookie Soccer (April-June)

Spring Soccer (April-June)

Mini & Peewee Sport Camps (June-July)

Skyhawks Sport Camps (June-August)

    UK Soccer Camp (July)

Lacrosse Camp (July)

Runnin’ Rascals Football (September)

Fall Into Soccer (September to October)

Little Dribblers Basketball (October to November)

Little Squirts Basketball (October to November)

Flathead Soccer Club

Montana Flathead Rapids Soccer

Flathead Valley Youth Rugby


Ice Skating at Stumptown Ice Den has a designated homeschool discounted free ice skate. 

Woodland Ice Rink has the pond (which is free and you can rent skates) or the ice rink. 

Swimming Lessons at Logan Health Medical Fitness Center. They offer homeschool swimming lessons that are at different times than the other lessons for all ages. 406-751-4141 

Miracle League Baseball:

Free summer baseball program for children and adults ages 6+ with a disability of any kind or severity.

Jennifer Johnson


Educational Activities

Hockaday Art Classes

Art classes for all ages preschool on up. Contact the museum for details.

 Flathead Enrichment Classes:

Flathead Homeschool Enrichment Classes is a place where local instructors can come together and offer their classes in a common location on Tuesdays. Each instructor is responsible for setting their own course description, fees and class size as well as collecting their own fees. Parents are always still responsible for their child’s education, but FEC seeks to offer support and enrichment to Flathead Valley homeschoolers. Classes are held at Cornerstone Community Church, 1970 Hwy 93, Kalispell, MT.  

Homeschool Theater Club:

The Homeschool Theatre Club is an educational club that seeks to educate the home-educated students of the Flathead Valley in the Fine Arts.

Our goals include assisting as many young people that we can accommodate age 10 and up, to be a vital part of producing quality theatre performances. We seek by acquiring members in our club to encourage participation in every part of the process. Writing, props, costumes, stagehands, music and other pieces of the production are all worked into the part of their education.

We require membership dues to be a part of the Homeschool Theatre Club as well as active participation in fundraising and volunteer work. The HTC was formed to meet a need in the community for our home-educated students to gain experience and utilize their talent in a productive way. We seek to benefit the community at large with exposing them to the arts as well.

Our actual activities include the writing of the production script, auditions, rehearsals, fundraising and putting on the production. We are not for profit, but for community enrichment. All performances are donation admittance only.


Upschool is open for registration. Please read this 2021-2022 class schedule sheet closely. There is a lot of info there. Also, please read the instructions for registration closely to make sure you submit properly. Contact me for any questions. Julianne Denney

Heritage Academy:

Heritage Academy partners with families to cultivate the souls of their children so that they might grow in wisdom and virtue as they learn to love God and others. Heritage Academy blends the best of homeschool and private school to create a hybrid academic community that provides a Christian, classical liberal arts education.

Montana Hybrid Academy:

Montana Hybrid Academy has blended the World School remote learning style with Bushcraft (homestead) Education from Montana to create this amazing hybrid academy!! We focus on quality academic education and practical skill development for students between ages 10-14 or 5th-8th grade. 

Kairos Solution:

Our goal is to offer a set of core high school classes on a four-year rotation. Students are generally free to join Kairos in any year of the rotation, although we recommend that you check course descriptions for prerequisites that might affect a student’s ability to succeed in a particular course. If your student is interested but has not completed the pre-requisites for a course, please contact us as we do sometimes offer instruction in the late summer that is meant to prepare students for upcoming classes. 

Classical Conversations:

New contact info for Classical Conversations:

Jessie Pappenfus Classical Conversations Whitefish  406.471.7157

Rachael Kirk Classical Conversations Kalispell 817.988.4264

Valoree Hasse Classical Conversations Flathead Valley 208.771.2142

Deborah Rajkovich Challenge A 406.253.2154

Erin Brotherton Challenge B 406.890.8241

Tressa Engle Challenge I 406.261.9627

Keturah Kerst  Challenge II 360.878.3122


Are you interested in live video Spanish lessons with a native speaker? My boys (10 and 12) and I have been learning Spanish with a native speaker in Argentina for the past several months. We’ve had great progress with this method. He is very engaging and encouraging with the kids. This format works great for me because I do not speak Spanish so I can learn right along with them.  And…having a face-face meeting keeps me accountable. If you are interested, he is still taking new students into these classes. Lessons are $15 per month per student (payment via PayPal). The lessons are offered via Zoom Monday 9:00 am for elementary or 9:00 am Tuesday for Middle school and High school.  Students in these Zoom meetings are all local children. He also offers awesome private tutoring sessions!  I am happy to answer basic questions here, but for more information or to sign up please contact him directly at


I offer classes to help students in their Spanish language studies

-Spanish 1  for beginners

-Spanish 2  for students who have successfully completed Spanish 1

-Spanish 3  advanced class for students who want to continue their study of Spanish 

Contact through email or phone for further information. Rachel M. (406) 471-2647

GAIN Support: 

Offers math, reading, and writing classes

Kacie Elizagaray

-Reading / Math Testing

-Reading / Writing / Math Tutoring

-Math Classes [new for 2021-22 school year]


Phone:  406-249-8434

Writing and History Classes with The Reading Cottage


The Wild+Free group in Whitefish will be opening the group back up to new members this Fall! As many of our active families from this past year are heading back to school, we have about 10 new openings for our group. Our first meeting is tentatively Friday September 3rd at the learning Pavilion at Lion Mountain. After attending our first meeting, you can join our private FB group where I post about the group details and schedule events. We meet the first and third Fridays at 10AM  every month, with occasional park playdates and field trips on the other Fridays. We meet at various locations around the Valley.

So What is Wild + Free?

W+F is a community of homeschooling moms that originally started on Instagram ( #wildandfreemama #wildandfreegroupideas ) to support and encourage each other in our homeschool and mothering journeys. Then these mamas started getting together for nature walks and now this community has grown to thousands of families and local groups all over the world!

Go here to become an official wild+free member

Wild + Free Whitefish is a group of homeschooling mamas that want our children to not only receive a quality education, but also to experience the adventure, freedom and wonder of childhood. To get dirty, climb trees, explore and ask questions out in nature. Our meetings will range from educational nature walks to nature themed crafts, classes taken together as a group, hikes, holiday parties, and storytime… And we will have monthly moms night out! The kids’ age range is from 4-9 but all ages are welcome. 

Whether you are a Waldorf family, unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Classic etc.. all our welcome! Come spend time in the forest and share in nature exploration throughout the seasons with us! I look forward to connecting with more like-minded mothers here in the Flathead. Feel free to DM me or email me if you have any questions at



The Reading Cottage:

Nanette’s specialty is reading therapy and she has worked with dyslexic students for 24 years. She has some openings this fall. Her phone number is 892-1875

Kathy Heider Language and Speech services 

Melissa Cox, MS CCC-SLP 

ASHA-certified, licensed speech therapist. 

I provide online speech and language therapy using the Zoom platform. All ages and severities are welcome. Autism, Down Syndrome, receptive/expressive language delays, social communication, stuttering, articulation, study strategies. Sessions are private and individual; targeted to the family’s needs. 30-minute session blocks at $30. Payable via Paypal or Facebook messenger.

To schedule a session, contact Melissa Cox at 406-273-1556 or

PROUDkids Prep

Parents Raising Outstanding and Understood Dyslexic Kids Preparatory

Jennifer Johnson 406-261-0117


Free summer baseball program for children and adults ages 6+ with a disability of any kind or severity.

Jennifer Johnson



Jerelyn Sandtner offers tutoring in Math, LA, Writing; K-8; 406-471-6557

Moriah Sullivan 406-212-7271 Math Tutor

Tracie S. 406-260-1835 Science, LA and Reading tutor 

Robin Welker 406-290-3621

There is tutoring available on Tuesdays at Flathead Enrichment Classes


GAIN Support Kacie Elizagaray


-Reading / Math Testing

-Reading / Writing / Math Tutoring

-Math Classes [new for 2021-22 school year]



Phone: 406-249-8434


406-260-6429. I started teaching in 1991, and engage students by making learning fun! Jami



These are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month – The River Coffee Shop 7 pm – Contact Michelle Sanford for info at

Services that the Library offers for homeschooled students:

Annual Activities

High School Graduation:

If you have a senior this year, email

to be on the list for homeschool graduation for the coming school year. You can also fill out this form to be on the database.

High School Banquet/Prom:

This is generally held in April. Seniors are given gifts, there is dancing, games and lots of fun activities for high school students. You must be in high school and age 14+. It is a formal event. Check the email group for more info. 

Homeschool Kick-Off:

This is a way to sign up for the activities listed above, attend workshops and get to know other homeschoolers in the area. This is generally held the last week of August. Watch email and social media groups for info or contact Martha to volunteer.

Homeschool Annual Book Sale:

This is generally held in June and a chance for homeschool families to sell curriculum as well as Garage sale items in one location. Want to volunteer for next year? Contact Crystal Keep out for info on email group and social media.

Track and Field Day:

Once a year the local private schools and homeschooled students participate in Track and Field Day. It is a fun, early activity and held in May. 


There is a large homeschool community in the Flathead, but we have a lower participation rate in some of the amazing things that people have set up to do. If you would like to add something you want to do that isn’t offered, we love it if someone takes it up! But also take part in some of the things that others offer as well!  This is a basic overview, but there are many, many more things offered. 

Give me a call if you have any questions as well. If you have a recurring activity or service you would like to add, please email me. 

Martha Artyomenko 406-291-0594

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