FEC Policy Handbook

NOTE: The following is subject to frequent revisions, updates, and additions.  Any changes to the FEC Policy Handbook will follow with the FEC Directors notifying parents sending updates via email.  This means that even during the school year, this document could change.


Aggression/Bullying Policy: (See Conflict Resolution Policy, Student Discipline Policy, and Code of Conduct for further information)

FEC Directors, teachers and volunteers have a zero tolerance for any sort of bullying between students, between student-teacher, between student-volunteer, between parent-volunteer, between parent-teacher, and between parent-directors.  FEC takes great care to ensure a safe and secure environment for its families and their children to learn in, to socialize with others, and to build a strong sense of community and fellowship.  If a parent is in conflict with a teacher or a volunteer, the  parent is to contact the FEC Directors immediately.  A failure to follow FEC’s Conflict Resolution Policy will result in disciplinary actions post haste.


Class Fee Policy: 

FEC Directors determine building and supply fees and the shared expense of liability fees.  FEC teachers determine class fees, supply fees, and the optional report card fee.  Parents are required to pay their fees on time per the Payment Policy due dates.  To better understand what your class fee covers, below outlines what a class fee may include but is not limited to:

  • Participation in a class on Tuesday either for an half hour, an hour or more.
  • The weekly creation of lessons and hands-on in-class activities.
  • The creation of curriculums lesson-by-lesson.
  • Providing out-of-pocket expenses for classroom and student needs and/or additional activities.
  • Teacher planning and preparation  outside of Tuesday classes.
  • Teacher grading and recording of homework, quizzes, assessments, and project assignments.
  • Offering online assistance or additional help to students outside of Tuesday classes.


Parents are expected to respect a teacher’s time, personal expense, and commitment to their children by ensuring they pay their class fees on-time. If you sign your child(ren) up for a class, understand that you are reserving a spot for either the whole semester or the whole year. If you begin the class at a later time in the semester, if you drop the class, or if you are unable to attend consistently week-to-week, you are still responsible for paying the teacher in full for that semester. FEC Directors and its teachers have strived to maintain low fees in order to serve our families.  The sole responsibility to understand what the fees cover, how the payment system works, and payments being made on-time  belongs to the parent.


Classroom Conduct Policy: (See Code of Conduct for further information and the full list of appropriate behaviors)

Students attending FEC classes are expected to adhere to FEC’s Code of Conduct.  A failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.  Please see the Code of Conduct for a full list of behaviors.


Classroom Supplies Policy:

It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the needed supplies for a class in which they have registered.  The supplies needed can be found in a class’ course description under the headings “Materials Students Must Provide.”  Students who are prepared will do much better in class. A parent should not expect a teacher to supply what the parent has been asked to supply.  Students entering a class unprepared will remain unprepared until the parent provides the necessary student supplies.  


Code of Conduct Policy: (Please see the Code of Conduct for a complete understanding)

FEC  Directors have created a Code of Conduct for our families and students to better understand what appropriate behaviors are expected while participating in FEC classes and being in attendance within Cornerstone Church.  It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure their children have read and understand the Code of Conduct.


Communication Policy:

FEC Directors will post any important information on their Flathead Enrichment Classes FaceBook page and/or send emails directly to families on FEC’s Registration Master List.  Emailing is most often used and it is recommended that all families check their emails frequently.  The email you registered with is the email where all information will be sent.  It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that they have completed FEC registration so that they are a documented FEC family.  A failure to receive any FEC communication will be on the parent if they have not registered with a current email address. While Facebook is often a more convenient  way to communicate, FEC Directors understand that not everybody uses Facebook.


Teachers require the emails of the families they serve in the event of needing to communicate directly with just their families about pertinent information or anything to do with the class(es) their child(ren) is (are) taking.  Parents may communicate directly with an FEC Director and/or their teacher(s) using the emails found on the course descriptions or in their bios.


Conflict Resolution Policy: (See Student Discipline Policy and/or  Code of Conduct for further information

FEC Directors, teachers, and volunteers create and support quality relationships with all of their families.  In order to maintain these relationships, it is understood that conflict can arise and the desire to resolve these conflicts is shared by those involved in the conflict.  In relationship with the Student Discipline Policy, the following steps will be taken in the event of any conflicts.

Parent or Student conflict with teacher, volunteer, and/or FEC Directors:

  • The parent will immediately request a meeting with FEC Directors via email with the teacher or volunteer in order to resolve theconflict.
  • If said conflict cannot be resolved, an agreement between the parties involving continued or discontinued participation at FEC will be reached.

Teacher or Volunteer Conflict with parent or student:

  • The teacher or volunteer will immediately request a meeting via email with FEC Directors with the parent and/or student in order to resolve the.conflict.
  • If said conflict cannot be resolved, an agreement between the parties involving continued or discontinued participation at FEC will be reached.
  • FEC Directors reserve the right to invoke the Student Discipline Policy if warranted.


Curriculum Drop Off Policy: (See Donations Policy)

Cornerstone Church no longer houses the Homeschooling Curriculum Library.  The Homeschooling Curriculum Lab has been moved to the Book Shelf; 101 Main Street, Kalispell.  Please contact the store at (406-756-2665) for hours of business.  Any curriculums wanting to be shared with FEC families  MUST receive prior approval from FEC Directors.


Donations: (See Curriculum Drop Off Policy)

Any FEC PARENT wishing to donate FREE items has the sole responsibility for bringing in their own box of items, leaving them on the front porch with a sign stating “FREE,” and at day’s end, it is also the parent’s responsibility to take the box home.  FEC parents should not expect FEC Directors or its teachers and volunteers to store your personal “FREE” box week-to-week.


Drop Off/ Pick Up Policy:

Students may be dropped off 5 minutes before their class. It is the parent’s responsibility for ensuring that  their student arrives to their classroom safely.


Please come to the front door to pick up your child. Children are not allowed in the parking lot without a parent and it is possible that the Security Team will keep them inside the building for their safety.


It is the parent’s responsibility to send a note with your student if a different person will be picking them up. If you have an emergency, please call 402-890-7047. This number is ONLY for emergencies.  All other communications must be written either on paper or in an email.


It is the parent’s responsibility to remain unoffended if stopped and/or questioned at the front door.  FEC’s large student population requires continual vigilance to ensure the peace of mind for our FEC families.


Fellowship Hall Policy:

The Fellowship Hall is a classroom after 12:00 PM.


From 12:00-12:30 the Fellowship Hall is used for classes and families are asked to not use the Fellowship Hall at that time.


Families that choose to utilize the Fellowship Hall during lunchtime from 12:30-12:50 are responsible for cleaning up any and all food items spilled during this time. Should the policy continually be disregarded the family will lose the ability to utilize the Fellowship Hall during the lunchtime.


Parents and siblings congregating in the hall to observe dance classes must do so quietly and without talking.  Students leaving their classroom and using the hall to leave the building must also do so quietly and without talking. While we understand the desire to visit with others, please remember to step outside to talk during class. Disruption to the class is disrespectful behavior to those in attendance and to the teacher.  Such continued behavior will result in disciplinary action.


Food/Drink Policy: 

NO NUTS of any kind in any form are allowed in the building.  Food and drinks are only allowed in designated areas or as part of a classroom assignment.  Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle with their name on it. There is to be no food or drink in the sanctuary. Students will not mess with other students’ food or drink. If purchasing snacks from the snack drawer acknowledge that snacks will need to be eaten before, after, or between classes and not eaten in the classroom.  The purchasing of snacks is to be done with the supervision of an FEC Director or teacher and purchases are only to be made when a class is NOT in session in the Fellowship Hall. The snack drawer is a privilege. If items are continually removed without full payment this privilege will cease to exist.


NOTE: The kitchen area is for FEC classes, teachers and volunteers only.


General Hygiene Policy: 

For the sake of those with sensitive noses and/or allergies, fragrances of any sort will not be allowed.  Such things as strong perfumes or body sprays, and/or disinfectant/floral sprays are not permitted.  The use of deodorant is encouraged for everyone old enough to need it.  Keeping hands regularly washed with soap and hot water is strongly recommended and reduces illnesses during cold/flu season.  If your child participates in a dance class, bare feet are NOT permitted.


Homeschooling Parent Policy: 

FEC directors and teachers fully acknowledge that the parent has the ultimate homeschooling authority over their child(ren).  As such, it is the parent’s responsibility to assign high school credits and to ADAPT any or all homework assignments given to their children.  If a parent needs to ADAPT any assignments, notifying the teacher and establishing a working relationship with the teacher is strongly recommended.  


Regarding homework assignments (See also Homework – Late Assignemnt Policy and the Homework Policy), some courses list that it will be the parent’s responsibility to grade their student’s homework; please read course descriptions carefully.  A student’s work will be recorded for a report card if the teacher’s course description states that a report card service is available and any applicable fees are collected.


Homework – Late Assignment Policy:

If the teacher is grading your student’s assignments, it is the student’s responsibility to turn in all assignments on time. Teachers are under no obligation to accept late assignments

  • Semester 1: 10th week all assignments turned in and grade book closed.
  • Semester 2: 25th week all assignments turned in and grade book closed.


Homework Policy: 

FEC’s homework policy is for all students enrolled in classes which requires note-taking, homework, quizzes, assessments, and projects.  This policy also includes information on grading and assigning credits.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to turn their homework in on the scheduled  DUE DATE.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared for class with their completed assignments.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to take notes in class if they are instructed to do so.
  • It is the student’s and/or parent’s responsibility to make arrangements for missed class notes and/or note-taking.
  • It is the student’s and/or parent’s responsibility to make arrangements to collect assignments when the student knows he/she will be missing class(es).
  • It is the student’s responsibility to inquire of their teacher if they have any missing assignments.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to request additional help from the teacher on their assignments.
  • A student’s work will be graded if the teacher’s course description states that grading will be completed by them.
  • A student’s work will be recorded for a report card if the teacher’s course description states that a report card service is available and a fee is collected.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to assign a high school credit if the student is of high school age.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child(ren) has (have) completed their homework and it is ready to be collected by the teacher each Tuesday.


Kitchen Policy:

The kitchen area, its utensils, serviceware, refrigerator, ovens, and microwave are for FEC Directors, teachers and volunteers ONLY.  No one is permitted in the kitchen area for any reason other than a class or filling a water bottle.


Legal Custody Information Policy:

FEC Directors require a written notice of any parent’s legal custody information if there is any issue or concern with this.  If your child will be picked up by somebody other than yourself, it is the parent’s responsibility to provide the FEC Director with a list of names and a picture of who may or may not pick your child(ren) up after classes have ended.  It is also the parent’s responsibility to provide contact information at which the parent is always readily available.


Lost and Found Policy:  

FEC maintains a “lost and found” box for three weeks and it is located in the Fellowship Hall each Tuesday.  Every three weeks, whatever remains in the box will be donated to thrift stores or discarded.  It is strongly recommended that parents write their children’s names on all of their belongings to avoid losing any personal property.


Lunch Policy:

FEC provides a designated time and place for a supervised lunch half hour for registered students in need of a lunch time between attending a morning and an afternoon class.  Participation in this supervised lunch time requires payment and adherence to the behavior contract (See Student Discipline Policy).  


Only registered students may participate, meaning friends and siblings who are not registered to take classes at FEC both before and after the lunch period may not attend.  Students are expected to use their time productively to eat lunch and complete homework. 


NO NUTS of any kind in any product may be brought into the lunchroom or any area of the building.  Disregarding this stipulation could result in immediate removal from the lunch program, families who continually disregard this policy will be removed permanently from the community room.


Families that choose to utilize the Fellowship Hall during lunchtime are able to do so from 12:30-12:50 and are responsible for cleaning up any and all food items spilled during this time. Should the policy continuously be disregarded the family will lose the ability to utilize the Fellowship Hall during the lunchtime.  All children must be under parental supervision during this time.  There is no running or game playing of any kind in the Fellowship Hall during lunch.  A failure to comply could result in either being dismissed from the Fellowship Hall for the remainder of the year or disciplinary actions may be taken.


The supervised lunch time is optional. The parent has full responsibility for their student any time they are not participating in a class for which they have registered and paid for participation.  If this service is not utilized, the parent is responsible for the full and direct supervision of their student for the allotted time, and all persons conduct must still adhere to the Code of Conduct; violations will make the student and parent subject to removal from this period. The previous also applies if the student has a lunch time/break that occurs outside of FEC’s designated time.  Direct and full supervision is always the responsibility of the parent until the child is under the care of a teacher, but the parents remain responsible for the student’s conduct within reason.  Food can only be consumed in the designated areas of the building, and food items containing common allergen may not be brought on the premises. Please check with the administration if you are unsure.   


Mandatory Court Reporters Policy:

FEC Directors, teachers, and volunteers are mandatory court reporters per Montana Code Annotated 2021; TITLE 41. MINORS; CHAPTER 3. CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT; Part 2. Reports and Investigations; 41-3-201.

It is the full and legal responsibility for mandated court reporters to report issues concerning children and all forms of neglect and abuse.  FEC Directors will take the necessary steps in upholding this position to the full extent of the law under which they are obligated.  Parents may or may not be notified of any reporting that involves their child(ren) and suspected neglect and/or abuse.  FEC’s Directors will approach any situations with high regard to our parents but will proceed as a case-by-case situation and place the safety of children first.   For further information regarding the full disclosure, please visit: https://www.leg.mt.gov/bills/mca/title_0410/chapter_0030/part_0020/section_0010/0410-0030-0020-0010.html.


Microwave Policy:

The microwave found in the Fellowship Hall during lunchtime is shared as a benefit to all students.  Proper care and use is mandatory or the microwave will be removed.  If the microwave develops an issue, see an FEC Director immediately.


Modesty Policy:

FEC requires its students to dress appropriately for their classes.  Underwear, training bras or camis, bras, and shoes (See Shoe Policy) are all required for attendance.  Inappropriate graphic t-shirts or explicitly torn jeans, or skirts shorter than fingertip length will have your student removed from class and the parent will be contacted.  The dress code for dance classes must be honored for all.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their young, developing girls and boys are adequately covered.  Bare feet in dance classes will no longer be permitted unless otherwise noted by the dance instructor.  Winter coats and accessories are necessary for winter outdoor games.  FEC Directors and teachers will use their discretion regarding this policy.


Payment Policy:

FEC’s school calendar now follows two semesters totalling 30 weeks of school.  Following the payment schedule will ensure your student’s continued participation in FEC classes.  Payment for semesters have been arranged into two payments:

Semester 1:

  • 1st payment DUE: first week of classes
  • 2nd payment DUE: fifth week of classes

Semester 2:

  • 1st payment DUE: sixteenth week of classes
  • 2nd payment DUE: twentieth week of classes

A failure to pay your class fees on-time will result in the following:

  • Reminder 1: Teacher will send parent one email reminder.
  • Reminder 2: If parent still has not paid, FEC Directors will send one email reminder.


If parent still has not paid, depending on the semester, the student(s) will not be allowed admittance into class(es) per the following:

Semester 1:

  • First payment not made, student will not be allowed classroom access in week 3 until payment is made in full.  It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher when a payment will be made.
  • Second payment not made, student will not be allowed classroom access in week 7 until payment is made in full.  It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher when a payment will be made.

Semester 2:

  • First payment not made, student will not be allowed classroom access in week 18 until payment is made in full.  It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher when a payment will be made.
  • Second payment not made, student will not be allowed classroom access in week 22 until payment is made in full.  It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher when a payment will be made.


If a family is in need of a payment plan or financial assistance, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact the teacher and it is at the discretion of the teacher to decide for such provisions.


The parent does not have the right to make deductions from the second semester’s payment if they missed several classes in the first semester.  This is a violation of the working relationship between the parent and the teacher and of the Payment Policy.  

If the parent has not complied with the reminders, has not communicated with their teacher(s) or the FEC Directors about their intent to pay their fees, or has made deductions from second semester payments, the parent and children will be removed from further FEC participation.  No refunds will be issued.

NOTE: If your teacher is offering the “60%-40%”  or “50%-50%” payment option, you must let them know that you are choosing that option so you do not receive an outstanding invoice and/or reminder letter.


NOTE: When information is requested by other homeschooling groups and/or organizations about a family’s FEC participation, FEC reserves the right to share a family’s participation, payment, and attendance history with those groups.


Refund Policy:

A refund will not be issued for, but not limited to, the following circumstances: 

  • Unfulfilled Commitments:  (See Registration Policy) If a student is registered for a course, they are responsible for its completion.  Premature, personal withdrawal from a course commitment is not cause for a refund.  
  • Class Cancellations by Weather or Unforseen Emergencies: (See Weather Policy)  In the event that FEC cancels classes for weather-related reasons or other unforeseen, exigent circumstances as determined by directors of FEC, a refund will not be provided.  Depending on the type of class, the teacher may, but is not obligated to, provide an online substitution or scheduled assignments for at-home completion.  
  • Expulsion/Suspension/Removal of Student or Family: A violation of FEC’s Policy Handbook may result in a suspension or expulsion of a student.  Upon this event, a refund will not be provided for the student/family for services not yet rendered. 
  • Individual Class Cancellations: A teacher may need to cancel their class(es) for sicknesses or other personal emergencies.  Upon such a cancellation, a refund will not be issued.  Although not obligated, a teacher may provide a make-up class, online substitution, or an additional assignment(s).
  • Student Illness or Absence:  If a student is absent because of a sickness or other commitment (e.g vacation), it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the teacher immediately or with reasonably enough time to make arrangements for the providing homework to the student if desired.  In such situations, refunds will not be issued.  


To be clear, refunds should not be expected (See Class Fee Policy).  Furthermore, regardless of the circumstances, the provision of a refund, whether partial or in full, will be at the full discretion of each teacher individually.  When payment for semester one is paid and the parent has missed several classes in semester one, a parent may not make deductions from their semester two payments.  This is unacceptable and is in violation of FEC’s Payment Policy.


Registration Policy: (See Thirty-Week Policy)

FEC’s registration process is in place to ensure that every student in attendance is accounted for, that teachers will have updated class rosters, that FEC Directors will have a master list, and that FEC Directors will be able to communicate via email with every family that is registered.  A failure to appropriately register will mean that a family may not be on any of these lists and in the event of an emergency, FEC Directors will be left without the necessary information needed to contact the parent.  

Registration requires:

  • Going to FEC’s website and creating an account.
  • Completing the registration form for each class your student will be taking.  If you have two children taking the same class at the same time, you will need to complete separate registration forms.
  • Purchasing anything the teacher lists in the course description and ensuring your student has it for the first day of classes.
  • Providing your online signature for the FEC Policy Handbook and the Code of Conduct is required in the registration process and you will need to complete it before the first day of classes.


Responsibility of Student Policy:

FEC Directors require a written notification regarding children 15 years and older that will remain at Cornerstone on Tuesday for the entire day without parental supervision.  It is at the discretion of FEC Directors to decide if any child 15 years old or older is able to remain at Cornerstone for a designated length of time without parental supervision.  A child permitted to remain all day at Cornerstone is responsible for him/herself only and this WILL NOT include that the 15 year old will be responsible for younger siblings.  Younger siblings (younger than 15 years of age) are the parent’s responsibility and are required to be supervised.  If a student is discovered to be responsible for younger siblings at Cornerstone, the parent will be contacted immediately for pick-up and a Warning Citation may be given.


Right to refuse service policy:

We reserve the right to refuse service to any individual or family without explanation.


Sanctuary Policy:  

The sanctuary is off limits and is not to be used as a waiting area for parents during morning classes or for students for any reason. During choir, registered families with students in choir may wait in the sanctuary. There is no food or drinks except water allowed in the sanctuary. It is the parent’s and student’s responsibility to clean up any mess left behind.  

Anyone found on the sanctuary stage will be removed from FEC classes for the remainder of the year and there will be no refunds


Semester vs. Session Policy:

FEC has switched from 5 six-week sessions to 2 fifteen-week semesters, still providing 30 weeks of classes.  (See Payment Policy for payment due dates).  


Shoe Policy:

Shoes to be worn at Cornerstone Church on Tuesdays require parental judgment. Heelys are not allowed. Any shoes that can leave black scuff marks on the Fellowship Hall are discouraged.  Work boots, cowboy boots, and winter boots MUST BE free from debris, dried mud, wet snow before entering Cornerstone’s Fellowship Hall and its classrooms.  If such a mess is left behind, it will be the student’s responsibility to clean the shoes outside and then immediately clean the mess up either in the Fellowship Hall and/or classroom. Brooms and mops are readily available for use by the students and families. If mud cannot be avoided in your area you are welcome to bring clean shoes to change into before entering the building and students may leave their soiled boots on the boot tray by the coat tree.


Sickness Policy: 

Symptomatic individuals showing signs of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, fever, runny nose, and/or sneezing should remain at home. A child having a temperature of 100.4 or higher needs to remain at home and not attend FEC classes for at least 24 hours; meaning, do not wake with a high temperature and come to afternoon classes with a low temperature.  Healthy family members of an ill person may attend FEC classes at the discretion of the parent or caregiver. If your student is sick it is the parent’s/student’s responsibility to contact the teacher for absence and request any missed work. 


Snack Bar Policy:

FEC does not want to see any child hungry through the course of the day.  To that end, FEC Directors have supplied a snack bar where each snack, regardless of size, is 50¢.  Students are expected to pay for their snacks.  Students must also respect the times the snack bar is open since they do not have access to the snacks on their own.  If there is a class in the Fellowship Hall taking place, the snack bar is closed and remains closed until classes have completed.


Snow Policy:

FEC Directors will determine a school closure for snow no later than Tuesday morning 6:30 AM.  It is the responsibility of the parent to check their email and/or the Flathead Enrichment Classes FB page.  Decisions to cancel classes will be made solely by FEC Directors but FEC  will also cancel classes if the Kalispell School District cancels school for the day due to snow.  At the full discretion of the teachers, they may provide an online option, an additional assignment, or a possible make up class for the missed week.  Teachers are not obligated to replace a missed Tuesday for snow cancellation and there is no refund on the canceled class.


Special Needs Services Policy:

It is imperative that FEC parents recognize that FEC is not set up to provide special needs services to children requiring them.  Students with diagnosed conditions or parental self-diagnosed conditions should speak directly with the teacher of the class BEFORE registering for it.  FEC teachers will use the appropriate and necessary discretion when determining if they are able to assist a family requiring special ADAPTations for a student or they may require the parent to sit in on the class with their student.  FEC teachers work well with their parents and seek to assist in any way that is possible but a parent should not expect it.


Student Behavior Policy:

FEC Directors have implemented the Student Discipline Policy.  It is the parent’s responsibility to educate their child(ren) on the policy to ensure their success in the classroom.  It is the student’s responsibility to comply with FEC’s Code of Conduct and the policies that outline behavior and discipline.  Disruptive classroom behaviors will not be tolerated at the expense of all students in the classroom, lunch program, outdoor games, and study sessions in the Fellowship Hall.  Students must understand that they are on video and recorded inside and outside of Cornerstone Church.



Student Discipline Policy: (See Conflict Resolution Policy and/or  Code of Conduct for further information)

FEC now implements the following disciplinary actions for students or parents that do not adhere to FEC’s Code of Conduct.  Once a child misbehaves, has been verbally warned in class, and has not corrected his/her behavior:

  • Warning Letter: A warning letter will be sent via email to the parents of the child and will include the option to meet with Michelle, Jerelyn, and the child’s teacher.  In order to re-join his/her class, the student will be required to apologize to the teacher and ask for permission to re-enter the class on the next meeting day.  If the parent withdraws the student, there is no refund.
  • Final Warning Letter: In the event the child continues misbehaving and not demonstrating self-correcting, a final warning will be sent via email.  There will not be an option provided for meeting with Michelle, Jerelyn, and the child’s teacher.  Parents are made known that the misbehaviors are continuing and are requested to implement their personal at-home disciplinary measures.   Once again, in order to re-join his/her class, the student will be required to apologize to the teacher and ask for permission to re-enter the class on the next meeting day.  If the parent withdraws the student, there is no refund.
  • Expulsion Letter: In the event that the child continues misbehaving and has made no attempts in correcting his/her behavior, and the parents have received a Warning Letter and a Final Warning letter, both via email, the parents will receive the expulsion letter.  There will be no option for meeting and no refunds for any remaining classes.
  • NOTE: serious infractions may result in an immediate expulsion.  These infractions are at the discretion of FEC Directors and may include a meeting with the parents if requested by either party.


Teacher Absence Policy:

In the event that a teacher is absent, said teacher has the duty to provide notice of their absence and the class cancellation or substitution.  Such notice will be given via e-mail communication.  It is the responsibility of the parent to remain vigilant in checking for such e-mail communications from the teacher.  Primary communications will be held via e-mail between the teacher and the parent.  Additional messages will also be sent by the FEC directors via e-mail and may be posted on the Flathead Enrichment Classes Facebook page.  It is strongly recommended that parents check such communications prior to attending classes that day (Tuesday morning).  The teacher holds no responsibility for the parent’s failure to check such communications.  


Teacher Discretion Policy:

FEC teachers have the full support of FEC’s Directors and respect the teacher/parent relationship.  FEC teachers, while a part of a universal group, are permitted to engage independently with the families they serve.  This would include but is not limited to such things as a payment plan, ADAPTed activities in the classroom, or the way a teacher will compensate for a lost school day.  The appropriate action of teacher discretion is to ensure fairness and satisfaction for all parties.


Thirty-Week Class Policy:

When registering for a class, it is imperative that FEC families honor the “Course Length” descriptions.  It is wrong to register for a class as a “trial” without teacher permission.  FEC teachers pride themselves on their honest working relationships with their families and they expect honesty in return.  A 30-week course starts at day one and continues until week thirty; it is a cumulative class.  Teachers accepting your registration for the class are accepting your agreement that the parent will pay for a 30-week course regardless if their student does not stay for 30 weeks.  Teachers fill their classes to the maximum limit and the parental practice of dropping has cost FEC teachers significant funds and lost time since they cannot replace the loss with another student as no parent would want their child coming into a 30-week course half-way completed.  A parent dropping the class should expect to pay for the entire year.  FEC Directors will use their discretion in deciding if a parent who drops a 30-week course and refuses to compensate the teacher should remain in FEC’s program.


Volunteer Policy :

FEC recognizes that community and parent volunteers make valuable contributions to the school and encourages volunteer participation by all families. 

  • Volunteers must follow the same dress code applicable to students.
  • Volunteers will not lend money or bring gifts other than stickers.
  • Volunteers will not discriminate against or harass any person and report all harassment or discrimination observed per FEC policies. 
  • If the volunteer believes a student’s clothing is disruptive or promotes disruptive behavior, the volunteer will discuss the concern with FEC Directors. 
  • Volunteers must report suspected abuse or neglect to the FEC Directors. 


Parent Volunteer positions available: $5.00 off building & liability fees per registered class  + ability to register early.

  • Hallway monitors: (4 needed)
  • Parking Lot monitors: (2 needed)
  • Playground monitor: (1 needed)
  • Security monitors: (FILLED)
  • Fundraising persons: (1-2 needed) – develop, organize, and run it.


Student Volunteer positions available: students are compensated with a Pizza Party in weeks 15 and 30.

  • Set up Cornerstone Tuesday mornings: (4-6 needed) 
  • Break down Cornerstone Tuesday afternoons: (4-6 needed)
  • Cleaners: (3-4 needed) – bathrooms, kitchen, Fellowship Hall
  • Vacuumers: (2 needed) – rugs in Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary, downstairs hallway,downstairs classroom, youth room,  stairs, and  library.


All volunteers will follow all the policies, procedures, and other rules established in the FEC Policy Handbook.  Student volunteers MUST SIGN UP with FEC Directors in order to volunteer.  Parent volunteers must contact an FEC Director.


Weapons Policy:

FEC’s policy on weapons is in compliance with Montana State Law and with Cornerstone Church’s requirements.  FEC has an “open carry” system with guidelines in place.  Individuals open carrying are trained in the use of firearms, qualified to carry, are in the position for providing security for FEC, and have received the FEC Directors’ approval to do so.  Pocket knives three inches and under are acceptable but are not to be on display.  Further, possessing a collection of knives on your person will not be tolerated.  Utility tools are also acceptable.  If a student consistently does not comply with the knife policy, the student will receive disciplinary action (See Student Discipline Policy).  The confiscation of any knife or tool by a teacher is by the teacher’s discretion and the knife/tool will be returned at day’s end and the parent will be notified.


Weather Policy:

FEC Directors will determine whether or not FEC will hold classes due to weather complications.  It is the position of FEC Directors that decisions to hold classes or cancel classes are made regarding current weather reports and with regards to all of our families served – locally and with distance.


Last Updated: (09/07/23)

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