Code of Conduct

NOTE: the following is subject to frequent revisions, updates, and additions.  Any changes to the Code of Conduct will follow with the FEC Directors notifying parents sending updates via email.  This means that even during the school year, this document could change.

Aggressive Behavior: towards others or actions taken against the building in use.  No fighting, pushing, bullying, spot-lighting, or derailing others from doing their best.


Attendance: to be on time for classes.  To knock on a closed door if arriving late.  It is the student’s and/or the parent’s responsibility to notify their teacher for absences – vacation, sickness, other – and to request assignments in order to stay in good academic standing.


Attentive/Obedient: to not be disrespectful, talking-back, argumentative, complaining.  To demonstrate good manners using “please,” “thank you,” “yes, ma’am/sir,” and “no, ma’am/sir.”  To display a good attitude in class and with others.  To demonstrate a willingness to participate in classroom lessons and activities with a cheerful disposition.


Authority Figures: this includes FEC Directors, teachers, volunteers, and the security team.  These individuals are all to be respected for their time, personal contributions, and their oversight of the children.  Any disrespect to any individual in authority could result in the immediate removal from FEC and/or receive disciplinary action.  FEC Directors reserve the right to make decisions in all cases regarding the disrespect of the security team.


Bathroom Behavior: it is the responsibility of each student to treat the bathroom facilities with care.  Paper towel waste belongs in the trash cans.  Replace toilet paper on empty holders.  If there is no toilet paper, see FEC Directors for replacements.  Keep bathroom sink areas clean.  Any inappropriate behavior observed in the bathrooms will result in disciplinary actions.


Boundaries: each student has the right to their personal space, therefore boundaries will be respected.  Students are expected to honor another student’s request to be left alone, to not be touched, to not be hugged, or to not be physically engaged with in any way.


Bullying: as a comprehensive list, this action includes the following but is not limited to: social, verbal, physical, sexual, cyber, prejudicial, emotional, situational, and gossiping.  These forms of bullying are not exclusive to a student-to-student interaction.  They cover FEC parent, students, directors, teachers, and volunteers.


Class Disruptions: deliberate interruptions, not listening, pulling others off task, disappearing, using class time for personal socialization, and/or not properly using technical equipment will result in disciplinary actions.

Dishonesty: any dishonesty between peers, between teachers, between other leaders in authority will not be tolerated and result in disciplinary action.  Please regard your conversations to parents regarding classroom lessons, activities, behaviors, and class discussions – these also require integrity.


Dress Code: appropriate modest attire, appropriate undergarments.



Regarding Absences (to be excused from a class): please notify the teacher in advance when you know your family/child(ren) will not be able to attend classes.

Regarding Language (making them): students providing a reason with willful foolish responses and talking back to the teacher.


Inappropriate Touching/Contact: any contact or touching using hands or other extremities to make unwanted contact of a sexual nature to another student.  No gestures of affection between students; no patting, pinching, unwanted hugging, or brushing against a student’s body in any way.


NOTE: any sexual deviance of any sort will result in the immediate and permanent removal from FEC and there will be no refund.

NOTE: dependent upon the nature of the infraction, FEC Directors will not hesitate to contact the legal authorities and report the incident. (See Mandatory Court Reporters Policy)


Insubordination: defiance of authority during the school day and/or the refusal to obey this Code of Conduct


Outdoor Games Behavior: it is imperative that students participating in the Outdoor Games Activity class adhere to the instructor’s every rule for appropriate behavior.  Conduct such as booing, sighing, aggressiveness, tattling, gossiping, disrespecting, and a continued pattern of causing problems will result in disciplinary action.


Parent Expectations:

  • If your child is not in a class, then you are responsible for them. It is recommended that the parent take their children out of the building or supervise them during lunch. (See Lunch Policy).
  • No food is allowed in the classrooms. Only water is allowed in classrooms. 
  • There will be a microwave available for lunch. Please use an insulated lunch box for cold food.
  • No nuts of any kind in any form are allowed in the building.
  • It is the  parent’s responsibility to see that their children arrive five minutes before a class begins. If they are unable to find their next class on their own please be available to escort them or arrange for a trusted adult to escort them to their next class. It is the parent’s responsibility to see that their children are picked up immediately after their final class. The building will be closed at 4:00 pm.
  • Please notify the teacher if you must pick up a child early from a class while in session.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to see that their children are prepared for class (i.e. completed homework assignments, sharpened pencils, notebooks and paper, and all required books and materials).
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s education. If they disagree with a teacher’s method of teaching, they will approach the teacher first. They will not badmouth the teacher to the student or to other parents.
  • Parents will be contacted if a disciplinary problem arises (See Student Disciplinary Policy).
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to not  send their child(ren) to class(es) during the contagious stages of an illness, with a fever, a cough, a runny nose, vomiting, or diarrhea.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children and themselves honor the Modesty Policy.
  • By Agreeing, the parent understands that a failure to comply with these expectations, the Code of Conduct, and FEC Policies may jeopardize their child(ren)’s privilege to participate in FEC.


Personal Accountability: it is the student’s and parent’s responsibilities to remain accountable to FEC’s policies and expectations.  Further, accountability for your actions, your attendance, your belongings, your payment due dates, your box of “FREE” items, etc. is in your control and not the control of FEC Directors, teachers, or volunteers.


Personal Responsibility: is the amount of commitment toward accepting complete responsibility for your behavior, your feelings, and your decisions while participating in FEC’s program.  No one is responsible for your actions or the decisions you make; only you are able to be mindful of your behaviors.


Self-Correction: in any classroom or activity situation, should the student make an error in behavior or is warned in class about an inappropriate behavior, the ability to fix it spontaneously, and with no continued external instructions or cues from the teacher is expected and is the student’s responsibility.


Student Behavior Expectations:

  • I will do my best to correct any problems as indicated by my teachers in a timely manner.
  • I will not disrupt or bother other students in class or on Cornerstone’s premises.
  • I will keep my hands to myself always.
  • I will treat people with respect.
  • I will not call names or use cruel words.  I will not use foul language.
  • I will speak softly in hallways and not knock on doors or peek in windows.
  • I will enter and exit the Fellowship Hall quietly while classes are in session.
  • I will not have electronics on in class (iPod, video, cell phone) unless the teacher allows them for class use.
  • I will not run in the church building (including stairways).
  • I will not rough house with other students.
  • I will not incite others to misbehave.
  • I will not hit or bite other students and/or teachers.
  • I will not touch other people’s belongings.
  • I will dress in a modest manner with no offensive sayings on my clothing. Both under and outer clothes will be worn. No going commando.
  • For the sake of those with sensitive noses I will not wear fragrances but I will use deodorant if I am old enough to need it.
  • I will be responsible for my belongings and church property.
  • I will leave the lunchroom and other church areas better than before my using them.
  • I will not bring tree nuts or peanuts in the building, i.e. peanut butter or almond butter sandwiches, trail mix, or granola bars with nuts of any kind. This is serious and not flexible. You do not want to be responsible for the death of another student.
  • I will eat ONLY in the lunchroom, my parent’s car, in an assigned classroom, or as part of a class assignment.
  • I will clean up my own trash and not throw liquids in trash cans.
  • I will take home all papers and projects. I understand that anything left behind may be thrown away.
  • I will keep my hands and feet off bathroom mirrors, furniture, doors, and windows.
  • I will not vandalize any part of the building – internal or external.
  • I will abide by the Snack Bar rules.
  • I will abide by the microwave use rules.
  • I will not sit on tables. For my safety, I will keep all four chair legs on the floor.
  • I will follow all rules about electronics and be solely responsible for all electronics I bring.
  • I will respect church rules and church property including the outside areas and equipment.  I will leave the building without permission.  I will not leave the building and hide on the property.
  • I will not hide in the sanctuary where I cannot be seen.  I will not go on the sanctuary stage or touch any equipment in the church sanctuary. If I do I will be expelled for the year with no refund!
  • I will not touch the games or snacks in the youth room.
  • I will not bring weapons to the property or in the building.
  • I will stay in my assigned classroom or in the designated study area and not wander around or go into any area that I am not expected to be in.  I will honor FEC’s pick-up/drop off policy and my parent’s instructions of the same.
  • If there is homework assigned I, as the student, am responsible for completing it and bringing it to class every week.
  • I will make every effort to attend every scheduled class in which I am enrolled and I will be responsible for obtaining and completing assignments from my teachers if I must be absent.
  • Under no circumstance will I leave the church property without parental consent and/or a parent/designated adult.
  • If I become disruptive in class, my teacher will take disciplinary action. I realize I will not be allowed to participate in class again until I have made appropriate restitution for my offensive behavior with my parent(s) and teacher. At the discretion of the teacher and the leadership, I may be asked to leave classes permanently and no refund will be given.
  • By Agreeing, the student understands that a failure to comply with these expectations, the Code of Conduct, and FEC Policies may jeopardize their privilege to participate in FEC.

Verbal Abuse: while in attendance at FEC, which includes the classroom setting, outdoor games and other activities, name-calling or degrading comments about others in any way, inappropriate teasing, inappropriate sexual comments and/or language, students choosing to wear a mask for illness and/or protection, and destructive comments to the self-esteem of another student or said behaviors will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary actions. It is imperative that students understand that differences of opinions exist and they are to be respected. Disrespectfully forcing opinions and beliefs onto others will not be tolerated.

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