Symptomatic individuals showing signs of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, fever, runny nose, and/or sneezing should remain at home. Healthy family members of an ill person may attend FEC classes at the discretion of the parent or caregiver.

No. While FEC will always take into consideration the decisions of our governor and school administration in the Valley, FEC retains its independence as a private entity (not a state-governed or private school) and therefore, is not required to adhere to state decisions.

Depending on circumstances, masks may be strongly encouraged at times but the decision whether or not to mask will always be left to the discretion of the family. FEC will not tolerate any rude or condemning comments directed towards others for their decision to mask or not. We believe that is your decision to make for your family and that you should find FEC to be a safe place regardless of your masking preference.

Because we need to limit the number of people in the building, we ask that your children wait with you outside of the building. There will not be a general study hall or waiting area available. We do not have the resources to supervise your children in between classes, they are your responsibility. If you have extenuating circumstances, please see Michelle to notify her of this need so that she may try to accommodate you.

This is a result of the way our website communicates with Google Classroom. Because we provide Google Classroom accounts for all registered students, it is required that we retain an individual entry for each registering student. This, in turn, allows us to create non-duplicate Google Classroom accounts for all students.

In most cases no, but this is determined by each teacher. An additional fee may be required for this service if offered.

Because you (the parent or caregiver) are the primary teacher, the responsibility of assigning a final grade to your child is yours.

Any grades that teachers may provide on assignments are your responsibility to record for that subject unless you are receiving report card services and have an agreement with the teacher.

No. This is the sole responsibility of the parent. We are not an accredited school.

Regarding the completion of homework assignments and absences, and as per the Student Behavior Contract, students are required to complete and turn in their homework every week (or by its assigned due date). Teachers are not obligated to accept any homework that is submitted beyond its due date. FEC aims to promote and grow children’s time management skills in working within appropriate deadlines.

FEC is an enrichment class program. Some classes are academic and teachers will provide the hour lesson and may provide some homework, quizzes, or assessments. In most cases, this material will not meet Montana’s requirement for time spent on the given subject. In these cases, the child’s parent or caregiver is required to supplement additional course material. More information may be included on the classes description page.

FEC is always growing. This requires us to continuously update our policies, class registrations, and family information. In addition, we create new Google Classroom accounts for our students each year. This leads to the need for an annual reset on all FEC accounts. This does not mean you are blocked from FEC. You will be given the chance to make a new and updated account when registration opens at the start of every school year.

Class payments are generally due the first day of each Session (see Calendar for more details). For “School Year” classes that require a year-long commitment, you may be required to pay for the class in its entirety the first day of classes. If you are ever unsure of the payment plan for a given class, please contact the teacher for that class.

If you have visited a page previously on our site, then your browser has most likely cached that page’s data. When our website updates (and we regularly do update it), this cached data in your browser does not always update along with the rest of the site. The first thing to try is manually refreshing the page. If this does not solve the issue, then you will need to clear your browsers cache and cookies or use incognito mode (which will require you to sign into your account if registering).

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