Whirlwind World History


Misty Thompson

Course Description:  From the Ancient Civilizations and the Rise of Empires to Modern Day history we will learn about our world’s history, foods, clothing, music, art, and more. Students will be required to complete work at home along with what we work on in class.

Course Viewpoint:  Either

Course Length:  School year

Time:  2:00

Cost:  $40 per session – cash or check

Supply Fee:  One time, non-refundable $30 fee

Class Prerequisite:  Student must be willing to read outside of class time and write.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  All other supplies used in class.

Materials Students Must Provide: Notebook, 2 pencils, and pencil sharpener. All students will need to purchase the Guest Hollow Whirlwind World History https://guesthollow.com/whirlwind-world-history-online-textbook/. The workbook will need to be printed. Parents may choose which additional books to purchase but it will work best if you at least buy the level 1 recommended books.  Some of these may be available through the library or as audio or e-books. Once you have signed up for the course please contact me (Misty) for a discount code to purchase your Guest Hollow curriculum.

Minimum Enrollment:  6

Maximum Enrollment:  16

Parent Requirements:  If you’d like your student to be able to claim this class as a credit you will have to make sure your student is doing the days we don’t complete in class. You, the parent, will need to grade their work.  If you need help with this please let me know.

Teacher:  Misty Thompson

Contact:  misty.fec@gmail.com

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