Weird, Unique, and Strange Animals and Organisms

Grades 2-5

Teacher Misty Thompson

Teacher absence policy-Substitute

Course Description:  Do you like weird and creepy animals? Ever wanted to learn what lives in the Mariana Trench? Why do platypus lay eggs? Did you know wombats poop square poop? Why are naked mole rats hairless? Did you know some plants eat bugs and animals? Do you know what tardigrades look like? Or Goblin Sharks? We will learn about some of the weird, unique, and strange animals and organisms in the world. From the deep sea to rainforests come join the fun! It is very important that students bring supplies to class every week. 

Course Viewpoint:  Secular

Course Length:  Semester

Time:  9:00-9:55

Cost:  $140 per semester SUPPLY FEE INCLUDED

Supply Fee:  N/A

Class Prerequisite:  Students must be able to listen to directions.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  All other supplies. 

Materials Students Must Provide:  One 2 pocket folder 2 pencils, scissors, glue stick, crayons, pencil sharpener, and markers.

Minimum Enrollment:  8

Maximum Enrollment:  20

Parent Requirements:  Parents may need to help students with research projects. Parents will make sure students have supplies every week. 

Teacher:  Misty Thompson


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