z Through the Bible Relationships

Through the Bible Relationships

9-12th Grades

Mark Jacobs

Course Description:  Have you ever wondered how Adam related to every other person in the Bible?  Or perhaps how the Holy Spirit related to the birth of Christ and David or any other of the myriads of people in the Bible? Then this is a class for you. The first one and a half sessions will be reading the book (listed in the materials provided section.) and developing a plan for your child that is specific to their questions or desires to learn about from the Bible. Your student will be expected to write about and look up Bible verses that relate to each biblical topic chosen. Expect at least one hour per day of research with writing outside of class time. Class time for session 3-5 will be used to expand the topic coverage.

Course Viewpoint:  Christian

Course Length:  School year

Time:  1:00

Cost:  $40 per session of this full-year class – cash or check

Supply Fee:  $40.00 per year due at start of year.

Class Prerequisite:  Reading, writing, with access to computers and internet.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Book: Everyday Theology,  ISBN: 9781535985437

Materials Students Must Provide: Bible, computer, internet, paper

Minimum Enrollment:  5

Maximum Enrollment:  11

Parent Requirements:  Parent must read and assist with the correcting of their student’s writing as their personal theology is developed in this year-long class.

Teacher:  Mark Jacobs

Contact:  markjacobs63@gmail.com 210 843-8994

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