Grades 7-12

Teacher Evette Smith

Teacher absence policy-Online class or substitute

Course Description: Miss Evette is currently moving her mother to Florida so Michelle is writing this description to the best of her ability. With this class you will discover another world in Language. Enjoy practicing with beginners and returning students alike. Lessons are designed to make Spanish words easier to remember and so you will feel more comfortable speaking the language. The class will meet in person on Tuesdays.

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Yearlong

Time: 1:00-1:55

Cost:  $150/semester supplies included

Supply Fee:  N/A

Class Prerequisite:  willingness to listen and participate ( mainly participation )

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Everything needed for class

Materials Students Must Provide:  Folder for handouts

Minimum Enrollment:  3

Maximum Enrollment:  12

Parent Requirements:  Bring Student on time. Inform teacher of any student attendance changes 24 hours prior to class

Teacher:  Evette Smith

Contact:  Call or text 406-890-5792

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Course Length

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Course View

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