Robotics 1

6th – 8th

Nathan Brown

Course Description:  This class will use Lego Technics to understand basic mechanical engineering and movements of robotics. This class will explore the different kinds of robotics while building an understanding of robotics and its practical uses today. Within this class, there will be a basic understanding of electricity and its components of such. There will be basic tools used and disassembly taught for items that can be later remade into robotic structures or devices. There will be robot battles using knowledge and provided Legos.

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Session

Time:  10:00

Cost:  $35

Supply Fee:  No supply fee

Class Prerequisite:  Must have the ability to understand basic Lego assembly instructions and the ability to read and write.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Lego RC systems for creating, tool kits for any disassembly needed, notebook and pencil for sketches and ideas.

Materials Students Must Provide:  Bag or backpack for carrying items to and from school

Minimum Enrollment:  4

Maximum Enrollment:  12

Parent Requirements:  Engage with students for any real-world robotic examples to be shown. Be willing to bring their student to a location in the valley for real-world demonstrations of robots if possible.

Teacher:  Nathan Brown

Contact:  FTRLLC19@GMAIL.COM (406) 249-4975

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