Photography 2

8th – 12th

Nathan Brown

Course Description:  Photography 2 will focus more on the surrounding aspects that the photographer can control to get the outcome they want. This class will also focus more in-depth on using light to paint with and create with, moonlight lighting, and more. There will be a greater focus on night photography, the use of fireworks in photography, steel wool setups, and many more artistic and business-related ideas. This class will include some nighttime locations to meet up for further opportunities to practice with each student’s cameras.

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Session

Time:  11:00

Cost:  $35

Supply Fee:  No supply fee

Class Prerequisite:  Either a previous photography class or prior photography understanding.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  4×6 photo book, weekly 4×6 prints, notebook, and pencil.

Materials Students Must Provide:  Bag or backpack for transporting class supplies.

Minimum Enrollment:  4

Maximum Enrollment:  8

Parent Requirements:  Students will need to be able to meet up for night shoots at various locations around the valley. These will be optional but will be available to grow their skill sets.

Teacher:  Nathan Brown

Contact: (406) 249-4975

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