Outdoor Games 1 

4th-8th Grade

Jodi Clark

Course Description: This fun and dynamic class provides upper elementary and middle schoolers an opportunity to get outside, be active, and socialize with peers close in age. 


This is not the class for kids expecting to play traditional competitive team sports or wanting a physical education component. The games played in this class are likely to cause  kids to bond over laughter while they indirectly practice physical skills and challenges. Various versions of tag, invasion, dodging, and sneaking games are played. Some popular examples include Capture the Flag, Everybody’s It, and Fire in the Forest. Other potential examples include Kickball, dodgeball, or Tug-of-War. Sometimes we may play cooperative games that challenge the group to work as a team. 


 All activities and games have the potential to foster cohesion, interpersonal skills, empathy, self-confidence, and respect. Furthermore, this class is designed to build teamwork, leadership, communication, and relationship skills.

Course Viewpoint:  Secular

Course Length:  Session

Time:  11-12:15 at Northridge Park (across from Cornerstone Church)

Cost:  $40 per session

Supply Fee:  None

Class Prerequisite:  None

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Game props and equipment

Materials Students Must Provide: Students are expected to dress according to the weather conditions predicted for the day class is held. Items required for this class include sturdy and supportive athletic shoes, rain jacket, warm coat, snow pants, snow boots, hat, and gloves. Bringing a water bottle is highly suggested. Other useful items that may provide comfort in the outdoors include hand warmers, neck warmer, and an umbrella.

Minimum Enrollment:  14

Maximum Enrollment:  18

Parent Requirements:  Open communication with the instructor is highly encouraged to help build a supportive and safe learning environment for students.

Teacher:  Jodi Clark

Contact:  bigskyschool@pm.me or (406) 270-9855

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