Lunchtime 12:30-1:00

All grades

Carrie Dahlke

Teacher absence policy- Substitute

Course Description: This time is designed for the kids who have a class directly before and directly after lunch.  I supervise the Lunchtime so the teachers have a chance to have a quiet time to enjoy their lunch. Absolutely no Tree Nuts or Nut Butter! There is a class directly after the lunch hour so I ask that students help clean up any foods that have been dropped or spilled. 

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Open

Time:  12:30-1:00

Cost:  $15 per semester/per child – cash or check

Supply Fee:  None

Class Prerequisite:  None

Materials Teacher Will Provide: None

Materials Students Must Provide: Each student must bring their own nut-free lunch. A microwave is provided but there is not a refrigerator available.

Minimum Enrollment:  3

Maximum Enrollment:  15

Parent Requirements:  FEC is a peanut and tree nut-free facility.  Please no peanut butter, almond butter, or  Nutella.  Sunbutter or Wowbutter are acceptable. We have students with extremely severe peanut and/or tree nut allergies.

Teacher:  Carrie Dahlke


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