High School Writing Online

Grades 8th -12th

Jerelyn Sandtner

Teacher absence policy- Online Make-up Class

Course Description:  From a sentence to the five-paragraph essay, your student will learn the fundamentals of good writing. Using a cumulative approach, students will build their writing skillset by learning, applying, editing, revising, and producing the final draft. The course will use several pertinent lessons from a variety of writing curriculums which will be directly related to developing expository writing skills for high school students. Students will be required to complete weekly writing assignments, meet deadlines, and provide a brief review on other students’ work. In the remaining six weeks, students will be writing a comprehensive five paragraph essay on a topic of their choice. This class combines well Grammar Boot Camp.

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Yearlong

Time:  Wednesdays; 11 AM – 12:00 PM; following FEC’s school calendar

Cost:  $125/per student/per semester; CASH or CHECK only; $5.00 discount if paid in CASH (can be dropped off at Cornerstone on Tuesdays); 60% payment DUE first week of semester; 40% payment DUE fifth week of semester.

Supply Fee:  One-time, non-refundable $20.00/year. OPTIONAL Report Card Fee of $25.00/year.

Class Prerequisite:  General knowledge of grammar and writing.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Rubrics and assignments 

Materials Students Must Provide:  1 1/2″ binder, notebook, pencils, erasers, highlighters. Students will be expected to TYPE all of their writing assignments as no hand-written assignments will be accepted.

Minimum Enrollment:  1

Maximum Enrollment:  8

Parent Requirements:  Parents MUST ensure all homework, quizzes, and writing assessments are completed and turned in when they are DUE. Due to the content, late assignments WILL NOT be accepted.

Teacher:  Jerelyn Sandtner

Contact:  jwsandtner@gmail.com

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