Grammar Boot Camp Online

Grades 7th – 12th

Jerelyn Sandtner

Teacher absence policy- Online Make-up Class

Course Description:  This course is for the student exhibiting weak Language Arts skills in grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and basic sentence structure. Students taking this course will study parts of speech, basic sentence construction and diagramming, proper use of punctuation, and editing of their work. If your student struggles with the parts of speech or is not a strong writer, this class has been offered to provide high school students a “last opportunity” before embarking into high school writing classes. Students will be required to complete weekly homework assignments, complete quizzes and assessments.

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Yearlong

Time:  Online; Wednesday; 10 – 11:00 AM; will follow FEC’s school calendar

Cost:  $125/per student/per semester; CASH or CHECK only; $5.00 discount if paid in CASH (can be dropped off at Cornerstone on Tuesdays); 60% payment DUE the first week of semester; 40% payment DUE the fifth week of semester.

Supply Fee:  One-time, non-refundable $15.00/year; OPTIONAL Report Card Fee of $25.00/year

Class Prerequisite:  None

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Homework, Quizzes, Assessments via email

Materials Students Must Provide:  1 1/2″ binder, pencils, erasers, highlighters

Minimum Enrollment:  3

Maximum Enrollment:  8

Parent Requirements:  Parents MUST ensure all homework, quizzes, and assessments are completed and turned in when they are DUE. Parents MUST purchase Straight Forward English Series All-in-One Master book by S. Harold Collins. Parents MUST grade Workbook homework.

Teacher:  Jerelyn Sandtner


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