Fallacy Detective & Critical Thinking

Grade 7th – 12th

Jerelyn Sandtner

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Course Description:  Can your student spot bad reasoning? Can your student spot an error in logic? Can your student critically think and logically deduce? Can your student calmly and respectfully defend their position in a disagreement? A fallacy is an error in logic — a place where someone has made a mistake in his/her thinking. Understanding fallacies is an excellent skill for learning to spot common errors in reasoning. These skills can be applied to speech, debate, and everyday life. Critical thinking games and activities included.


Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Yearlong

Time:  10 AM – 11 AM

Cost:  $140/per student/per semester; CASH or CHECK only; $5.00 discount if paid in CASH; 60% payment DUE first week of semester; 40% payment DUE fifth week of semester 

Supply Fee:  One-time, non-refundable $25.00/year; OPTIONAL Report Card Fee of $25.00/year

Class Prerequisite:  None

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Homework, Quizzes, Assessments, Activity Scenarios

Materials Students Must Provide:  1 1/2″ binder, loose leaf paper, pencils, eraser, highlighters

Minimum Enrollment:  5

Maximum Enrollment:  12

Parent Requirements:  Parents MUST ensure all homework, quizzes, and assessments are completed and turned in when they are DUE. Parents MUST purchase The Fallacy Detective, 2nd Ed. by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hands Bluedorn.

Teacher:  Jerelyn Sandtner

Contact:  jwsandtner@gmail.com

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