Early Math

Grade 4th-5th

Carrie Dahlke

Teacher absence policy- Substitute

Course Description:  We will work on Multiplication and Division, Power 10, review all basic math skills. This class will help prepare your child for a smooth transition into middle school math.

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Semester

Time:  10:00-10:55

Cost:  $115 per semester

Supply Fee:  None

Class Prerequisite:  Basic addition, subtraction and some multiplication and division skills

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  All other items

Materials Students Must Provide:  2 pocket folder, 2 pencils

Minimum Enrollment:  5

Maximum Enrollment:  15

Parent Requirements:  Your child will have worksheets to be completed at home

Teacher:  Carrie Dahlke

Contact:  Carriedahlke@gmail.com (406) 261-9948

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Course Length

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