Composition & Living Books

Grades 6th-9th

Jodi Clark

Teacher absence policy- Substitute

Course Description:  This class will cover language arts skills intended to help students prepare for upper levels of reading and writing, not to mention life. The instructor will lay a learning path intended to reduce frustration and nourishes individual success. We will read living books from various genres, and practice the art of narration in different formats. We will discuss concepts to help students learn to write correctly–including essay writing. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word study are some components we will work on throughout the year. Students can expect about 30 minutes of homework each week. 

Course Viewpoint:  Secular

Course Length:  Open

Time:  10:00-10:55

Cost:  $125 PER Semester (Venmo, Cash, or Check)

Supply Fee:  Included in class fee

Class Prerequisite:  The ability to read & write, but I can accommodate struggling learners.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Everything

Materials Students Must Provide:  None

Minimum Enrollment:  8

Maximum Enrollment:  16

Parent Requirements:  Open communication is encouraged so that we may provide optimum learning support to the child(ren). 

Teacher:  Jodi Clark

Contact:, 406-270-9855

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