Chemistry in the Kitchen

8-12th Grades   

Mark Jacobs

Course Description:  “This is a PRACTICAL chemistry course for those of you who have students who hate math, hate science, and are in tears thinking of that scary chemistry textbook they are supposed to choke down.

This is also the perfect science curriculum for those students who LOVE science and want to learn some down-to-earth science they will use and enjoy knowing throughout their lives.

Since this is a non-traditional chemistry course, students have lots of hands-on activities that yank chemistry topics right out of the abstract and put them solidly into “real life”. Cooking yummy foods you can eat afterwards (like Devil’s Food cupcakes!) is a big component of this year’s studies – a real bonus for budding chefs!”

Course Viewpoint:  Either

Course Length:  School year

Time:  11:00-12:30

Cost:  $60.00 per session – cash or check

Supply Fee:  $25.00 per session. However, due to volatility in grocery/supply prices may be adjusted at session breaks.

Class Prerequisite:  Reading and the use of measuring tools and utensils

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Supplies needed for experiments 

Materials Students Must Provide: Purchase of Chemistry In the Kitchen Curriculum by Guest Hollow,  online printable format $35.00 (15% discount available) Some books will need to be purchased separately. See  

Minimum Enrollment:  8

Maximum Enrollment:  15

Parent Requirements:  This class is only the lab portion of the Chemistry in the Kitchen curriculum. In order for parents to count this as a high school credit, the student must complete the course work at home under the supervision of their parent/guardian. The parent/guardian is responsible for issuing the grade and credit for this class. This is a year-long course and payment is expected for all 5 sessions.

Teacher:  Mark Jacobs


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