Basic Photography

Grades 6th – 9th

Teacher Mr. Brown

Teacher absence policy- Substitute

Course Description:  This class will include photography basics like the rule of thirds for a good photo, reflections, color separating, symmetry in nature, how to use a camera, exposure triangle (aperture, iso, shutter speed), light and more. This class will touch on the basics of building a name for yourself as a photographer. There will also be an optional photo scavenger hunt for students throughout the session. Students will be given a 4×6 photo album at the start of class. They will be given 4×6 matte prints of photography homework each class session. I will be arranging for photography opportunities outside of the classroom. There will also be opportunities for students to ride along to local locations for photography during class periods. Proof of insurance can be provided if requested. 

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Semester

Time:  1:00-1:55

Cost:  $100 Per Semester, Cash or check, checks made out to “Newt’s Photography”

Supply Fee:  no supply fee but additional prints can be made for additional cost

Class Prerequisite:  Able to read, write and listen to instruction.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  4×6 Photo album, 32GB memory card that will be downloaded and formatted each class, handheld air blower for camera dust cleaning, tripod for class lessons with additional tripods that can be checked out by parent/guardian for at home use

Materials Students Must Provide:  Bag or backpack to carry supplies to and from classes, Camera, charged battery for class each time

Minimum Enrollment:  4

Maximum Enrollment:  8

Parent Requirements:  Help students to complete photography homework sent home each class session. Help students to find item locations for the photo scavenger hunts.

Teacher:  Mr. Brown

Contact: cell:(406)249-4975

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