Basic Math IV – Pre-Algebra/Algebra

Grades 7-12

Teacher Jerelyn Sandtner

Teacher absence policy-Substitute or

additional work to cover the week.

Course Description: 

The final math curriculum in the Basic Math series at FEC. – Pre-Algebra/Algebra. This middle-high school math course provides students with a broad overview for Pre-Algebra and Algebra concepts. It seeks to provide students with a strong start to a future Algebra program or provide a comprehensive program for struggling learners. If your student is ready for Pre-Algebra/Algebra or is a struggling student, this class is for you. The pace is slow and the weekly homework is manageable. There are weekly homework assignments, weekly quizzes, and 5 assessments. This course covers a wide range of concepts such as the number system, introduction to equations, functions, graphing a line, polynomial operations, and quadratic functions. It is imperative that students registered for this academic class have the intention to complete the assignments, attend class, and participate in the classroom. Please, do not register your student if they cannot make this commitment.

Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Yearlong

Time:  9:00

Cost:  $315/year; 1st payment due 8/27/24; 2nd half-payment due 11/5/24 Cash or check only

An invoice will be sent to you once you are registered. Payment may be mailed to the address on the invoice or dropped off at Cornerstone. 

Supply Fee: Both DUE 8/27/24 – $30 one-time, non-refundable supply; OPTIONAL
REPORT CARD Fee $25 for the year (non-refundable)

Class Prerequisite:  Ability to compute numbers and fractions in algebraic expressions and equations.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Notes, homework assignments, quizzes, and assessments.

Materials Students Must Provide:  Notebook for note-taking, a folder for assignments, and a binder to organize and keep the notes.

Minimum Enrollment:  4

Maximum Enrollment:  8

Parent Requirements:  Parent is responsible as the lead homeschooling teacher to see that the student’s assignments are complete, turned in, and notify the teacher regarding absences. Parent is also responsible for their student’s time management.

Teacher:  Jerelyn Sandtner


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