Advanced Photography

Grades 8th – 12th

Mr. Brown

Teacher absence policy- Substitute

Course Description:  Advanced Photography will focus more on the surrounding aspects that the photographer can control to get the outcome they want. This class will also focus more in-depth on using light to paint with and create with, moonlight lighting, and more. There will be a greater focus on night photography, the use of fireworks in photography, steel wool setups, and many more artistic and business-related ideas. This class will include some nighttime locations to meet up for further opportunities to practice with each student’s cameras. This class will include scavenger hunts around the valley and further if students want to explore even more! This advanced class will include classroom days we all load up in my vehicle to go take photos locally where we will return by the end of class. Proof of full coverage insurance can be provided if requested.


Course Viewpoint:  Mixed

Course Length:  Semester

Time:  11:00-11:55

Cost:  $100 Per Semester, Cash or check, checks made out to “Newt’s Photography”

Supply Fee:  No additional fee

Class Prerequisite:  Willingness to interact with people for street photography. Prior classroom photography instruction for a understanding of basic concepts such as rule of thirds, exposure triangle and lighting. Students need to have their own camera and understand basic operations of it in manual mode.

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  4X6 Matte photo of assigned homework will be included in cost along with a link so that additional prints can be made through Photo Video Plus or downloaded for printing of choice. A photo book for their 4×6 prints will be supplied, A 32GB memory card will be supplied for homework photography. This will need to be brought back in each class for downloading and formatting. Tripod for use during classroom instruction requiring tripod. I have additional tripods that can be checked out by parent/guardian for students use outside of classroom.

Materials Students Must Provide:  Carrying case of some sort for camera and equipment. Camera with extra battery.

Minimum Enrollment:  4

Maximum Enrollment:  6

Parent Requirements:  Ensure homework is completed each week and be involved in students journey of photography. Help students to complete scavenger hunts if requested and bring students to class meets outside of instructional days.

Teacher:  Mr Brown

Contact: Cell:(406) 249-4975

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