Annotating Literary Elements

Grades 6th-9th

Jodi Clark

Teacher absence policy- Substitute

Course Description:  This class is designed to strengthen students’ reading and writing skills through fun, engaging, and research-based multi-sensory activities that foster a deep comprehension of text. The instructor will lay a learning path to help students reach individual success and build confidence in their abilities. We will mingle with authors’ ideas in living books and explore their writing techniques that make fiction more meaningful. Some of the literary elements we will explore include figurative language, plot arc, poetic elements, and character analysis. Students can expect about 30 min of homework each week including assigned reading. 

Course Viewpoint:  Secular

Course Length:  Open

Time:  9:00-9:55

Cost:  $125 PER Semester (Venmo, Cash, or Check)

Supply Fee:  Included with class fee

Class Prerequisite:  The ability to read & write, but it is not necessary to perform at grade level. I can accommodate struggling learners

Materials Teacher Will Provide:  Everything

Materials Students Must Provide:  None

Minimum Enrollment:  8

Maximum Enrollment:  16

Parent Requirements:  The instructor requests open communication with parents so we can give optimum support to the child(ren).

Teacher:  Jodi Clark

Contact:, 406-270-9855

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